Prince of Wales to tour the country to promote 'sustainable living'

The Prince of Wales is to embark on a tour of the country to meet the guerrilla gardeners, ethical fashion designers and eco-conscious pensioners doing their bit to tackle climate change.

The five day tour in the Royal Train, run on biofuel, will take in projects around the country where ordinary people are making a difference by installing solar panels, planting trees and growing vegetables.
It is part of the Prince’s new project Start, a partnership between non-Governmental Organisations and business, to promote a more sustainable way of living.

The tour will begin in Glasgow to launch Pedal for Scotland, a charity event that encourages thousands of people to take up cycling rather than drive everywhere.

His Royal Highness will then visit Wales where he will launch a guide for historic home owners to help them insulate draughty castles and install wind turbines on hill farms.

In Nottingham, Prince Charles will have a cup of tea with a pensioner who has installed solar panels on her roof and visit community gardens in an area of transformed wasteland.

In Manchester His Royal Highness will watch a sustainable fashion show and in nearby Todmorden he will visit a project where local ‘guerrilla gardeners’ have planted vegetables on public land.

For the Bristol leg of the tour, where the Prince will meet a community choir and visit a scheme advising vulnerable people how to save energy, he will be joined by the Duchess of Cornwall.

The couple will conclude the week by launching a festival at Clarence House, a Garden Party to Make a Difference, where pop stars, celebrity chefs and comedians will give their advice on how to do your bit for the environment.

The Prince said he aimed to show that even ordinary people can do something to stop climate change. “Start is about putting a positive face on what I can only call a Sustainability Revolution. People are much more likely to act if the message of sustainability is framed in positive terms,” he said.
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